PlanningFrontline InPlan Planning Software
CAMOrbotech Genesis 2000
Photo Plotters
C-SUN photo plotter
Inner Layer
l/L Wet Film Coater

GRC-7N Automatic Wet Film Coater

6RC-7N Automatic Wet Film Coater

l/L ExposureVarious manual and semi-auto exposure
DESUniversal DES( Develop-Etch-Strip) Lines
AOIOrbotech Discovery, Camtek
Lamination PressBurkle, OEM, Heng-da Vacumm Presses
DrillingMechanical DrillHitachi, Schmoll, HanHitachi,Mitsubishi
Outer Layer
Automatic Desmear and Electroless Copper
O/L Exposure5KW Manual Exposure
LDI(l/L&O/L)SM20 Laser Direct Imaging photeck
Copper Plating
Automatic Panel Plating Line
Automatic Pattern Plating Line
MCP-PAL Vertical Continuous Plating Line
SESUniversal SES( Strip-Etch-Tin Strip) Line
Solder Mask and Silkscreen
Solder Mask CoaterHorizontal Semi Automatic Coater
Argus 9524S Solder Mask Spray Coater
ExposureVarious SM Exposure ORC DI,orbotech diamond8
Legend PrinterSprint 100
RoutCNC Routers
V-ScoreCNC V-score
PunchHydraulic Punch
Surface Finish
Lead Free HASLLead Free HASL
Immersion Silver/Tine/OSP/Hard GoldSub-Contract
Test and QC
E-TesterFxiture Systems
Flying ProbeFlying Probe Test
Reliability Testing

X-section and Microscopes, Impendence Test, High-Pot,

Tg Test, Peel Strength, lonic Testing, IR Reflow, Thermal Chamber etc chrommotography