We are able to manufacture the following PCB types:                                                                                                                                                                                  
Rigid PCB:
Single layer
Double layer
Multi-layer (up to 48 layers)

Rigid + Flexible PCB
Single layerAluminum MCPCB:
Double layer
Multi-layer (up to 10 layers)Aluminum metal core PCB: 

Flexible PCB~ 8 W / Mk high thermal conductivity dielectric bonding material is available.
Single layer1L + A / 2L + A / 4L + single-sided and double-sided and multilayer.
Double layer
Multi-layer (up to 8 layers)

Flexible aluminum plate
Material type:Available in thickness of 0.45 ~ 2.0mm.
FR-4 polyimideChoose the most suitable material according to actual needs.
Aluminum (Bergquist, Ventec, etc.)
Teflon (F4B, Rogers, Taconic, Arlon)
Ceramics (Rogers)
Mixed pressure plate (Rogers + FR-4, PTFE + FR-4)